About Foshine




Ningbo Foshine Industrial Design Co., Ltd. is a product design company, which focus on the research and development of innovative design. It is the governing unit of "Zhejiang Industrial Design Association" and the vice chairman unit of "Ningbo Industrial Design Association". We adhere to the design concept of "driving innovation with technology, allowing aesthetics to integrate creative design", and provide customers with leading product landing solutions and one-stop service experience. The company's services include design, structural design, circuit design, function development, interaction design, prototype production, corporate strategic planning, brand planning, animation designsupply chain resource integration and other services.

After rapid accumulation and development in recent years, the company has provided efficient overall research and development program and design technical support all over the world from domestic enterprises to customers in the United States, Germany, Japan, Australia, and other countries and regions. Our cases involving household appliances, consumer electronics, lighting, office furniture, medical equipment, scientific research equipment, transportation and other fields, have been fully recognized by customers. We have established long-term strategic cooperative relations with variety clients .

Directional design, while focusing on product innovation and detail quality, actively deepened the development of multi-disciplinary, cross-designed and inter-linked collaborative design to create a one-stop design service complex. At the same time, we also actively integrate the internal open supply chain service platform, share our resources with customers, and provide a perfect guarantee for the implementation of product design solutions.